I'm going to ruin the joke you call a career


Deleted: I will make a major announcement on Friday after the release of the new Todrick Tabor-Ramsey Fireside Chat from CCP Podcasting. I talk details of our relaunch and the way forward. Keep your eyes on Twitter and Discord. Jan 18, 2023 0:05:27 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: It is indeed. We are getting ready to relaunch soon. A big announcement is coming on Friday. Jan 17, 2023 22:41:36 GMT -5
reaper: this place still active? Jan 17, 2023 0:18:23 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: New rules and code of conduct should be up tomorrow. Jan 13, 2023 22:49:36 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: The rest I’ve been working through with the admin tools and here we are. I’m not done yet, but I hope you all like it. Jan 9, 2023 19:39:13 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: The theme was made by Becca on the Proboards library. The logo was made by Atara Raven. Jan 9, 2023 19:38:06 GMT -5
TBA: Where'd this come from? Jan 9, 2023 15:37:52 GMT -5
Deleted: Godsdamnit, now I have a decision to make. Jan 9, 2023 15:06:20 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: *takes bow* Jan 9, 2023 5:27:47 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: Uhhh wow...or holy shit...this is just outstanding Jan 9, 2023 3:15:30 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: We hope that you will consider becoming part of the Outlaw family. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Jan 9, 2023 2:15:19 GMT -5
Samuel Chatman: Welcome to the newly revamped OPW. We hope that you like the changes that have been made. More information will be released about the relaunch on Twitter (@_OPW1), Discord, and on the News Feed at the top of the site. Jan 9, 2023 2:14:41 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: TRY ME!!!...I F'n DARE YA Dec 25, 2022 23:23:31 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: SO Join me please and trust me and believe in me as I have believed in every single man, woman, or chld who has ever posted a rp on this site and I promise you nothing other than the best experience you've ever had playing this game...Don't believe me? Dec 25, 2022 23:23:16 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: while constantly involving and becoming something new entirely as we help bring up the next crop... Dec 25, 2022 23:21:44 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: I have loved truy loved as I have at times let it drive me abslutely banana SAMMICH...But I grew up playing this game and I believe the way I was brought up laying it is the best way and I would like to see that foundation that legacy live on Dec 25, 2022 23:21:16 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: invite any and everyone who wishes to participate, on a clean slate whatever our past was or wasnt...Bc the only thing I want to do is create a place that inspires those who play this game to be the best versions of themselves, and to see that the game Dec 25, 2022 23:19:54 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: SO IN closing IM not perfect and I never claimed to be...But I am good at this shit and I am good at helping bring out the best of the people I work with...SO if u want to get back to having fun in this game and help me build something truly great then I Dec 25, 2022 23:18:21 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: Time to truly learn from the problems I made here and in my personal life that have kept me and OPW from succeding in the past, and while this new era of OPW will indeed be a new era...know the core values and beliefs that built this place remain the same Dec 25, 2022 23:16:51 GMT -5
lajohnnystylez: ...SO if you would like to return and assist me in achieving my dream and let this place be what it was always meant to be then you are of course welcome to join. I have made almost as many if not more mistakes than I did getting it right, but nw Ive had Dec 25, 2022 23:15:50 GMT -5
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